Nutanix acquires Frame – What do I think?

As you have seen on the EUC news, Nutanix is acquiring Frame and soon will start their DaaS offering within their Xi Cloud Services. This is indeed quite an interesting move and one that can, and certainly will, affect several players within the EUC/DaaS market. You can bet that includes Citrix, VMware and Workspot.

That said, there are several things that Nutanix will have to address, according to my own personal take on this. Let’s take a look at some:

  • On-premises offering. Sure, the Cloud may seem great. It does have its use cases and is another tool on the toolbox. And that is the issue here. Another tool ON THE TOOLBOX. Ideally, and again, IMHO, a solution to be complete, has to address both use cases, providing a clear Hybrid model. That addresses current needs for an on-premises delivery model while providing a clear path to the off-premises one, the Cloud. Being a Cloud only solution could pose a huge problem for many companies out there. The solution here? Should not be hard to bring that on-premises and pave the way so both offerings work seamless together. If Nutanix can pull this off, you can bet this will definitely affect Citrix and VMware. Guaranteed.
  • Toolbox. As we all know and learned over the years, a desktop solution, no matter where it runs, requires way more than just providing a desktop. User personalization, application packaging and delivery to the desktops, robust monitoring, it all ties together to compose a full solution. And again, regardless of where it is running. Nutanix has nothing in that space. Same for Frame. Solution? Keep the wallet open and acquire a couple more companies that are still relatively small but greatly fill these gaps. Examples? FSLogix, Liquidware Labs and UberAgent (Vast Limits). The end result of these potential acquisitions would be a platform that would be years ahead of both Citrix and VMware in many levels.

The great thing here, many may not see. If Nutanix does address the above, they will be going the other way around. That means coming from a native cloud offering (Frame) to an on-premises one to address current needs but already addressing future ones. This is completely different than having to build a cloud solution off something that was built from the ground up without the cloud in mind (Citrix is an example of that, and their struggles to bring their stack to the cloud is something everyone knows – VMware does suffer, maybe to a lesser extent, from the same issue).

Also acquiring extra talent to address these needs (by the way, needs that we all know must be addressed – reason for these products to exist) will potentially cause further damage on the market as all the customers out there now using these products could be converted to the Nutanix offering, leaving the Citrix/VMware train behind.

I would love to hear from Workspot what they have to say about this, given the many differences between their offering and what Nutanix is cooking. As I said many times, good enough may be all that many customers need. But now, if Nutanix offers a similar solution, cheaper and potentially with a better stack (Frame’s protocol is indeed better than RDP, that is a fact) all at a cheaper price, the ‘good-enough’ bar gets raised. In such cases, why would customers stick with a less capable protocol and potentially more expensive solution? This can create a problem for players like Workspot for sure. And the simple fact Nutanix does have more money in the bank to acquire whatever it takes to polish its desktop offering, amplifies the impact of all this on them.

Resuming: I do like to see this. I like companies with balls and Nutanix is certainly one of them. Ballsy acquisition indeed and if they play the right game here, they can certainly create a very compelling stack that will address current and future needs. All this, coming from the future :-).

So, Dheeraj please keep the wallet open. What is another couple bucks when you already spent big money? And please keep kicking ass. The asses in question do need it.



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