C-Level Executives and the IT Landscape

As you guys know, on top of managing WTSLabs, I also spend a lot of my time working in the consulting and training business. Thanks to that, I am always dealing with C-level executives (in order to get the business as these guys are usually the decision makers when money needs to be approved) and I noticed one common trend.

With such a fast paced IT landscape these days and with changes and new technologies happening overnight, it became very hard for these guys to keep up, to keep themselves up to date and more than that, to come up with an informed, accurate decision when dealing with IT related projects.

Many of them would love to know more but do not have the time for that or do not know exactly how to do that. After discussing the issue with several of these guys I realized we could help them if we had some sort of crash course, boot camp for C-level executives.

That is how “IT-for-Cs” was born. We are now offering a one-week, crash course, only for C-level executives. This is an on-site training (yes, we go to your office) and do it on a one-to-one basis. For them this is perfect as they do not need to leave their companies (so in case something urgent happens they are there to deal with), do not need to travel and do not feel like being embarassed in front of other people (as it is one-to-one training).

The course outline will be posted under our Training offerings very soon and the schedule is of course totally flexible. I will be the one coaching these C-level guys and we will cover pretty much everything that is relevant in the IT industry these days (OS virtualization, application virtualization, VDI, SBC, etc), focused on their particular business industry or on a particular topic they want to learn more.

All technical but passed in terms they can easily understand and correlate. Again, this is not a deep, technical course. For that we have other options. Just check them out!


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