My iPhone. Goodbye.

When Apple announced the iPhone three years ago, I was excited. It was truly a revolutionary product, way ahead of everything else at the time (sidenote: sorry but I do not see the iPad on the same league – it is just a ‘bigger’ thing that has a three year old OS/Interface on it). I told myself that day, January, 9th that I would be buying one (even though I live in Canada and things do move very slowly up here when compared to the US) when released. And once I managed to find my way to the Microsoft MVP Summit in the following year I got one.

Great device. At the time. Three years ago.

Fast forward three years and the latest and greatest iPhone is indeed VERY similar to the one released that year. In many ways the platform became stagnant. Sure there are tons of apps on the AppStore. But that does not mean the platform itself is evolving.

Looking at the iPhone today, now the ‘reality distortion field’ effect worn out, I can clearly see all the flaws on the iPhone, after using it for over three years. In many ways, it is a PAIN IN THE ASS phone.

First of all the thing is totally tied to Apple (and I do not like Apple for several reasons, even though I do have four Apple machines at home) what means ‘you, peasant, use what we Apple want you to use’. It is almost like a ‘Porschesque’ experience. When I got my Porsche, at the time there was no way to hook up an iPod to the vehicle due to a proprietary fiber optic bus. No bluetooth either. When I asked Porsche why, they told me in a Porsche all you want to hear is the engine, not music from your iPod. Great. Same approach applies to Apple and their products. If you ever wondered why you cannot arrange your music library into ease-to-follow folders, it is because you do NOT need it. Trust Apple on that. They know what you need/want better than you or your mommy.

Adding to that, the freaking phone, three years later has no Flash support. Exchange sync is simply mediocre (did you notice when you have rules to move emails to folders and get a new email in one of these, the iPhone mail app does not show that?). The whole app sync with iTunes is another major PITA. The list goes on.

So yesterday when I saw the announcement of Windows Phone 7 I was impressed. The same way when I saw the iPhone announcement. Beautiful interface (and logical), Zune/Xbox Live integration, several manufacturers to choose your phone from and perfect Exchange/Office support out-of-the-box. So long iPhone. I am dumping you as soon as Windows Phone 7 is out.

Add to that: Flash will almost certain be there once the phones start shipping and Microsoft does allow you to develop/add things like bluetooth keyboard/mouse support, what the iPhone does NOT support officially Рthree years LATER Рmaking it a piece of shit thin client, no matter what Gus Pinto or Chris Fleck, with their own reality distortion fields, say. I am not saying the Windows Phone 7 devices will be better thin clients but for sure companies like Celio will be able to release accessories that support Windows Phone 7 out-of-the-box making it a much more viable thin client at the end.

Finally, a critical thing Microsoft has in its advantage is the three years the iPhone has been out. If they are smart, by now they understand everything the iPhone has NOT delivered and its shortcomings, having learned with Apple’s mistakes in this space (and successes as well).

This will allow Microsoft to deliver not the Jesus phone.

But God’s one.

Let’s pray.


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  1. From what I’ve seen on the windows phone, is that it’s typical MS. Clunky ways of doing simple tasks.

    Sure flash will be on there, and sure your battery will drain that much faster. Actually I’m suprised that flash is even on there and not strictly Silverlight.

    However, by the time MS releases their phone, Android will have released more handsets and updates, iPhone 4.0 will be out along with a new iPhone leaving MS behind the pack again.

    MS is no longer about innovation so much as being 2 steps back when it comes to mobile tech.

    As much as you hate Apple’s approach of they know what you need and want mentalaty, I think that this is how all companies will move. Not because they want to but because they are being told to, if they want to continue distributing music with big labels, movies from big production houses and applications from big devs in a percieved piracy free zone. But MS is Two steps behind in Mobile.

    MS is drowning in the mobile division, right now they have two fingers up and there’s no lifeguard on duty.

    1. Well Windows Phone 7 is really a completely new OS, built from scratch, if compared to Windows Mobile. From what I have seen so far on the interface, it is extremely polished and intuitive. As I said, they had all this time to learn what is wrong with the iPhone and all other devices (Android ones included) and hopefully, all that learning will be on the phone by the time it ships.
      iPhone OS4 I am sure we will not see that before the end of the year and even if it happens it will be another incremental update than really a major change (what makes sense considering the user base Apple now has on it). This does not mean the iPhone is perfect though. There are several flaws, some big show stoppers for some people. For me the lack of proper, decent Exchange support is one.
      Keep in mind as well that Microsoft has deep pockets and is very patient. If they do consider the mobile space to be a critical one to be in and to have a dominant, relevant presence, they will do whatever it takes.
      Just look at what they have done with the XBox and the XBox live. They were nothing 10 years ago in that space and as of today they compete head to head with Sony and its mighty PlayStation brand, being ahead on the online offerings (XBox live is light years ahead of the PSNetwork – I say this as an avid console collector that owns and plays everything from Woody Atari 2600s to PS3 at home).
      Time will tell if Microsoft will fail or not. If I had to bet, I would say they will succeed.

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