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So yesterday I got an email from Gabe letting me know that all the sessions I submitted to BriForum 2010 were selected. Great news and always a pleasure to be part of BriForum, an event I have been presenting since its inception and the only one I missed was the one in Germany. Other than that, I have been to every single one and it has always been a great conference.

What I like the most is the interaction you can get with the presenters and the complete no bullshit approach. If a presenter does think some product is a piece of shit, he can (and will) openly say it. That is great because it gives you an honest view of all the vendors/products that are relevant in this space and that alone is simply priceless.

Back to my sessions, what will I be presenting? Three sessions (probably some people will join me – Steve Greenberg is confirmed as far as I know and others are welcome as mentioned before):

– “The top 10 mistakes why VDI projects fail”.
– “The top 10 mistakes why TS/Citrix projects fail”.
– “Citrix EdgeSight for Load Testing Best Practices”.

The first two are pretty much self explanatory. I had the opportunity over the years to work on environments ranging from 2 to 50,000 concurrent users, government and private sector and trust me, I saw everything you can imagine. So now it is time to put this on paper and let other people learn with the mistakes we have seen in the past. I do think these will be great sessions, especially now that everyone is talking about VDI and thanks to that, TS is also booming (well once you see the price tag some people actually go for TS 🙂 ). Jokes aside, honest view of both technologies and how to avoid screwing yourself up when deploying these.

The EdgeSight for Load Testing will be a great one too. I have been using it since it was known as TLoad (before ThinGenius was acquired by Citrix, making some Scottish people very, filthy, rich 🙂 ). All I can say is the tool works but is tricky to get it working reliably and sometimes a PITA to work with. And I think tons of people are not really using these tools properly (even Login VSI is not used properly IMO) and that is why the results they are getting do not really match what they see in production. I am not saying I will show you how to magically do that. But I will try to make sure you understand how to get as close as possible to real world results by using ESLT.

Wrapping up, I am very honoured to be part of BriForum again, my 7th one!

If you are looking for the best no bullshit Virtualization/SBC conference out there, BriForum is the one.

See you in Chicago.


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One thought on “BriForum 2010 it is!

  • Andy Wood

    I too used Tload – I can even point to a couple of features in EfLT and say ‘I suggested that’ .. I look forward to hearing your presentations 🙂