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Ok, we have been trying to get RemoteFX working and even though we knew not all video cards are supported, we were not able to find in a single spot a list of the supported ones with the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Beta release.

After some digging around at multiple locations here you have it:

ATI:  ATI FirePro™ v5800, v7800 and v8800 Series professional graphics

NVidia: Quadro FX 3800, 4800 , 5800 and Quadroplex  S4.

That is it. You also need to disable the onboard video card on the machine you will have Hyper-V running.

Hope this saves you the time I had to spend looking for this information. 🙂


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  1. Hi, thanks for the information. Whilst it might not be supported or recommended in a production environment, RemoteFX will work with lower end cards. I’ve just set up an evaluation environment using a Geforce 9500 card and it’s working well.

  2. not working with quadro fx 3500

    though used the latest feb 2012 drivers.

    says, insufficient system resources even at single montior, lowest resolution

  3. we have rolled out a 180 user remote fx/vdi enviroment recently and during that time we used quadro 6000’s and recently upgraded to the tesla’s, the hosts were g6 blws460’s (hp blade workstations with graphics expansion, although for testing we have used cards like the gt440 and it worked great for a single VM although we had multiple running on a gtx560 (3 at the time of writing) even though they are not technically supported the only issue’s we had were matroska’s audio going out of sync and a low level of tearing (our test vid is a blueray megaming rip) we have tried all sorts of cards from gt520’s through to really odd quadro 2000m’s ( there not acctually a mobile version they are “mezzanine” cards for the blade workstations ) as far as we have got from microsoft some cards maybe problematic but so long as they are not using shared memory and are a standalone gpu they should work, on another note the intel 4000 on the new I7 is causing some headaches along with the gpuvirtu crap.. hope this helps

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