Old news becoming new?

Not sure if I am in rant mode here or not. Plus note that I do respect Citrix and everything they have done over the years and I am the first one to say they have some great, kick ass things.

But since Harry Labana posted this on his blog the Twitter world and the blogsphere went crazy like if this was the greatest thing ever since OS X (yes I am a fanboy before you ask). Even Brian posted about it today.

I saw several comments/articles on how this is great, how it will now open so many doors at several customers and so on. And that is what pissed me off.

It may be a great thing IF you are a Citrix customer AND you need this for some reason. And for the simple fact that Citrix, now apparently starting to move again after milking the cow for years with MetaFrame/Presentation Server/XenApp/WhateverItIsToday. Awesome.

Non-Citrix customers had access to this several years ago. So what?

From a technology standpoint this is VERY old news. Back in 2004 we were playing with the idea of publishing XP desktops (and applications) within our WTSPortal (one of the products we had at Terminal-Services.NET, later acquired by 2X Software Ltd). We even got this working on a multi-user version of XP Professional. Later on Provision Networks brought that to the market. Again, years ago.

So here Citrix is not doing anything new. Why no one thought this was a big deal when everyone else released this years ago and now are all having goosebumps is beyond me. I want to read way more exciting and better things on the Citrix blogs. And on yours too Brian. 🙂

Catching up != Innovating.


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  1. This is standard operating procedure for almost every market leading company.

    ‘It doesn’t matter until we say it matters, we will only say it matters when we can profit from it and until then our product can meet all your needs without it.’.

    For all that, the ability to deliver remote apps from their native platform is unquestionable great. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have been working on it five years ago. Lets just hope that the next innovation is more profitable 🙂

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