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Now that VMWorld is over, first of all I must thank God and Jesus Christ it is indeed over. The amount of crap I have seen posted on Twitter thanks to VMWorld was simply amazing. Of course it was not all terrible stuff. There were some nice things to be seen like the vSphere client on the iPad. Seriously, great stuff.

Also, I must, one more time, say that I have nothing against VMWare (or Teradici for that matter – some see me as the Anti-Christ for all PCoverIP related things, what I am certainly not). I still think they have some GREAT products and some GREAT technologies and more than that, I do run my company on top of their server virtualization platform for the simple fact I still think it is the best one out there as of today.

My gripe with both VMWare and Teradici is very simple. They distort certain definitions to make their products and/or technologies look good in all scenarios and as any smart person knows, especially on IT, there is no silver bullet. So there is no solution that can work perfectly in all scenarios. As I work mostly with Remote Display protocols of course that is what I am most interested about any VDI solution out there and how these perform on our new, always connected, world (remember, the WAN is the new LAN). And in this particular area Teradici and VMWare are usually full of bull (FoB). What I really dislike.

Back to the topic, Citrix as well is at fault here, not really helping the industry by throwing more shit at the fan. I do like them (and also give them shit when deserved – just read my posts about my XenDesktop issues in the past and also about the Citrix Receiver for the iPad/iPhone – gimmicky and for many customers I have, useless) and do like a lot of people that work there but I do think this week, Harry’s post was really not needed and simply stirred the shitty pot a little bit more. The same goes for Simon CrosbyΒ and his terrible YouTube video. People in this kind of position should be more classy when posting. Even when throwing shit at the fan (what can indeed be done in a classy, polite way).

Sure VMWare is no angel either. The abstract for that session they had at VMWorld (the one I posted a picture on Twitter, PA9449, was simply low. I mean very low). I have no clue what their marketing shitheads were thinking about posting things like ‘how to set RFP/POC traps for Microsoft and Citrix that will make it impossible for them to win the deal’. If they were in Canada I would definitely sue their asses big time.

The bottom line is this: both companies are wasting useful resources and time just bullshitting each other. Instead of getting together and coming up with something the whole community can benefit from (like a common framework for load/performance testing of their VDI platforms, preferably using third party tools like Login VSI, WANEmu and so on) and discuss the issues, again, with the community, so we all learn what is great and not so great with their products and technologies. One more time, please stop the BS.

I am certain not only myself but several other people are indeed getting tired of this crap. So please do something to stop this.

And for everyone else, please no fanboyism either. Be grown up enough to admit VMWare View is not perfect and in certain scenarios it may be crap and make no sense whatsoever. Same goes for XenDesktop. Each one has its own merits, benefits and drawbacks. And we all know that.

No more bull please.


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4 thoughts on “VMWare and Citrix: please stop the BS.

  • appdetective

    Like I have said this week. It’s amazing that people sit there and get bullshitted to their face by canned PR readied powerpoints, BS conference statements and then get all out of shape when somebody calls out the BS. Including you Claudio in this case. You are somebody I greatly respect and who is not shy to call out BS, so I find it hypocritical when you call out people calling bullshit, bullshit. That said I was at VMW this week and heard the BS first hand. @simoncrosby is just funny, and I guess his blog on the marketing session by VMW on how to compete is just calling out HORSCHE-IT πŸ™‚ LOL I am fine with that as VMW needs to be called out on their BS of locking the world into vSphere. It is also why I am supportive of having an open debate in the case of @harrylabana’s blog calling out Scott Davis where @cswolf so far has agreed to moderate. A good moderator would guard against BS, and avoid the joke Scott Davis session at BrForum which is shame for a conference that is supposed to be no BS. The question is why can’t VMware talk publicly about View and admit what works and what doesn’t. Sure they can defend it, but they outright lie and this week showed marginal progress with View 4.5 and now will start BS the world on this horizon thing. Also note VMW did not allow the VRC guys into the conference, and there was a whole load of crap on PCoIP. That’s BULLSHIT Claudio. There are also a ton of things wrong with XD, and I’m planning to call that out soon also.

    • crod

      Well not sure when I complained about people calling out the BS around the VMWare/Citrix vWar. BS is BS and something I hate and will always support people like you and others that try to make the industry realize how much BS they get on a daily basis without even knowing. So if I gave anyone a hard time for pointing out the BS out there, my apologies. πŸ™‚
      As you, I am all for a constructive debate between Citrix, VMWare and others, regarding the desktop industry as it stands at today and to where everything is heading, and what these players are doing to help that transition.
      My point was really there are several ways to start a conversation/discussion and so far both companies chose the worst ways of doing it, full of bull.
      I just expect more of a classy behavior from CTOs, what Citrix is lacking right now. Slap your competitors but in a classy way, with leather gloves. πŸ™‚

  • appdetective

    Claudio. I agree with constructive debate, which is why I am frustrated as well. I am very direct so personally have no issue with Citrix calling a spade a spade, but totally get how that would not sit well with some people. (it’s a personal thing) and judgement call I guess. Damed if you do damed if you don’t…. Too weak and polite and nobody will pay attention, provoke however and I think the desired effect is achieved. I.E you and I are discussing commenting etc, and people thinking either for or against for a better discussion. It’s like politics and wedge issues like a Mosque in downtown Manhattan to rally all the ignorant racists while the masses who are more reasoned know that we need to live together. Glen Beck (1st class asshole) is doing exactly that in the US to divide a wedge in the country. Same strategy can be used to wake the masses that mass BS is occurring, and sometimes that needs a little shock and fuck you to kick start the process. Hence why I am just fine with Citrix rattling the VMware monopoly mindshare.

    To me the bigger issue regarding the desktop is that VMware is lying to people’s faces. They refuse to even take part in panel discussions, and Scott Davis then has the gaul in his presentations to preach a bunch of total horse shit and then is unwilling to defend it or at the very least discuss it publicly. To me that is a far more tacky and unclassy way to represent your company. If people like Chris Wolf and Brian Madden host a debate, perhaps even poll the community prior with questions, then a constructive debate can happen. Question is will VMware take part, if not it just underlines everything both you and I know about how much View sucks. That is also exactly why I think they will not respond and let this thing blow over and not let Citrix own a conversation that they will win. Simon and Harry are smart and would be able to really take advantage of this in a debate, and there is no way VMware will let that happen. This then allows them to keep Scott Davis especially for teh desktop (their weakest product link) in fenced situations where he can stay on message and seem confident when the reality is that he is a pussy and knows nothing about the desktop.

  • Rado Rafiringa

    Agreed. But let’s face it, that’s how the game works. Companies are out to steamroll and smoke the competition, and marketing teams in this regard are no different from presidential campaign teams. They’ll throw in incomplete information and half-truths to get their product on the market.

    Within the smokes and mirrors, as you noted, there are features you need. That is where we come in, and that is why we get paid. We do the fact-checking against our own business requirements. If the features you need work as advertised for you, it’s all good.