XenDesktop 5.5 issues – finally fixed it.

As you guys know I was experiencing all sorts of issues with XenDesktop 5.5. Most of the time, when trying to connect from a Mac OSX Lion client with the latest OSX receiver, the connection would just sit there, trying to do something. Probably 5% of the time it would succeed. From a Windows 7 endpoint it would work most of the time but still fail here and there. The only reliable client was the iPad where it would work pretty much all the time.

Given the time I had on my hands over the holidays I decided to take a look at the issue and was able to fix it. The problem is simple: do NOT use anything other than full XenDesktop 5.5 components all across the board. That means if your DDCs are 5.o or 5.0 SP1, do not BOTHER using them. Even though Citrix states you can indeed use older components, the reality is you are way better off using the latest and greatest components. The latest VDA with older DDCs may work for some but after using (trying to) this combination since 5.5 was released my findings show it is not stable and IMHO not worth following this path.

So if you are going to XenDesktop 5.5 make sure you plan to go it all the way. Every single component updated. It will save you a lot of troubles down the road. Plus as soon as you call Citrix for support, the first thing they will tell you is to upgrade all to 5.5…



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