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As many of you know I am kind of biased towards RDS, especially with 2012. That said it does not mean I will recommend or force down your throat RDS for all use cases. Our main concern as a company is to always provide the correct solution to a problem/business need and never the other way around, seen many times in this market, where they try to find a problem/business need that matches a particular product that has to be sold to the customer.

With that in mind, regardless of the product or solution to be used, it is important you do your homework before attempting to come up with a pilot. That is where things get weird with RDS. As it is now completely part of the OS, what means you do not need to call a reseller or download crap from a vendor, most people think “Well it is part of the OS and I know Windows so I am sure I can pull this RDS thing off” and guess what, these attempts either fail or create a wave of tweets saying RDS stands for “REGRET DAT SHIT”. Not the case.

There are many reasons for that. RDS, even though it is right there on the OS and can be installed with a couple clicks, it is still RDS. That means many things are still at play like RDS Flags, Shims, Profiles, Load Balancing, certificates (ahh these damn certificates) and so on. Exactly the stuff most people are not aware of or simply do not understand.

Add to that tons of resellers out there that need to sell product A or B to keep their Silver/Gold/Unobitanium status, and we have a mess. Now without the knowledge of what is under the hood (RDS) they are now recommending and saying the solution is product A or B and that RDS is shite. BS.

One example (real world) we had was a major company, owners of several high end brands in many spaces (from watches to wineries) that approached us regarding a Citrix project they were working on. Before moving ahead they wanted to understand if Citrix was deemed necessary or not.

After reviewing the whole thing with them I was confident we could pull it off with plain RDS and as XenApp runs on top of RDS I told them to go from pure RDS to XenApp down the road, if we do see the need after the RDS pilot, is not rocket science.

Making a long story short, the environment is pure RDS to this day and has been working great down south. And getting ready to get it upgraded to 2012 RDS!

The lesson here is simple. A proper assessment of your SBC/VDI plan by someone that understands all this craziness is a must have and something that at the end of the day will cost you only a couple bucks, with the potential for saving several thousand dollars down the road.

For this reason we were the first ones to offer such packaged service, properly named TSEspresso (that you can read more about it here, http://www.wtslabs.com/tsespresso.html). To give you a fair and correct assessment of your SBC/VDI plans, with quick turnaround and on the cheap.

It is not Aspirin but guaranteed it will save you from headaches with your SBC/VDI plans.



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