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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just want to let you guys know that I am now part of the EUC Podcast with some of the best guys in the industry (I am not one, but it is good to be part of a team full of these). The first podcast, that of course I had to miss due to a project, is now available. Here you have the summary:

“The End User Computing Podcast Episode #001 is Now Live at Click here to subscribe and get the latest Podcast episodes downloaded directly to your Podcast application of choice.

The End User Computing Podcast  is a community driven podcast for IT Professionals. The content covered on the EUC Podcast is primarily geared toward community support and enablement for application, desktop, and server virtualization technologies. Comments and community interactions are strongly encouraged to keep the authors honest and non-biased toward the vendors and technologies being covered. While the EUC Podcast is an independent community driven podcast, SME’s vendor preferences and strengths may be presumed based on active projects and topic areas covered. As unaffiliated technologists, EUC Podcast encourages the authors to discuss a wide variety of vendors and products based on current or upcoming engagements.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or simply want to leave feedback, feel free to use the comments section below!

Thanks and enjoy,

The EUC Podcast Crew.”

Make sure you subscribe and listen to it. Please note it is rated as ‘Family Friendly’ but that may not be the case if I am on that particular episode. Just saying as a couple years ago I got feedback from one of my BriForum sessions that said something along the lines ‘I did not pay this much to hear so much profanity’ and ‘This presenter has a 666 mark on his scalp. Never coming back again.”. You were warned.


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