Disappearing Citrix Policies – Scripting a fix

Not sure how many of you have experienced Citrix Policies disappearing from the AppCenter console, on XenApp 6.5. I know it is an issue as many posted similar occurrences in the Citrix Support Forums.

Not sure if it is a problem with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 on the FMA architecture as the majority of my large customers (talking about 10,000+ users concurrently) are still on XenApp 6.5 given the fact it was for sure the most stable/robust release ever (ok, after all the Feature Packs/Hotfixes) and the one that had the most features on the Platinum license.

Back to the issue, in certain cases the fix was to restore the database. Yep. Simply updating the Group Policy modules to the latest 1.7.X releases does not necessarily fix it.

So here you have a quick and small PowerShell script that I wrote and scheduled on the Controllers so they backup the policies to a folder named after the date they run (so you can keep backups of as many versions as you want, in case you need them). Dirty and simple.

Here you have it (it assumes the XenApp SDK is already loaded – the PSM1 module you can download off http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX128625):

Add-PSSnapIn Citrix.* -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Import-Module C:\Scripts\Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1
$date = Get-Date -format yyyy-MM-dd
$Destination = “C:\CitrixPolicies\” + “$date”
Export-CtxGroupPolicy $Destination

The date format is case sensitive (If you use mm you get the minutes when the script ran and not the month. Months are MM – do not ask me how I know that).

It does the job.



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