E2EVC, the Ghetto Conference

If you guys follow me on Twitter (@crod, how cool is that?) you probably have seen that Alex and I do exchange some humorous, sometimes harsh, tweets. Thing is, we have known each other for a very long time and more than that, have been friends for that long (Alex will tell you otherwise).


For many years he invited me to show up at one of the PubForum meetings (yes, E2EVC was called PubForum but for reasons like you having to explain to your boss he should be for a conference with such a name, where people would get drunk, its name changed) and trust me, I tried to be there. Every single time, something would happen, like a curse, and I would end up cancelling my trip.

Fast forward to 2014 and I made it, for the first time ever, to E2EVC Brussels. And even though WiFi sucked, coffee sucked, food sucked and the event was sort of disorganized (nice way to say it), with an agenda that would change 5 minutes before your session, I was hooked.


People, even the Dutch, were nice. The sessions were great. Everyone was there really to share the knowledge and more than that, to learn from their peers. What else could I ask for in a conference, other than good WiFi, good coffee and proper food? Nothing.

Since then I have been to Lisbon, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Dublin and I can certainly say the Ghetto conference grew up. Evolved. And is now, by far, the best community event you can go to if you are into EUC and virtualisation in general (apps, servers, containers, etc). And to top it off, nothing comes close price wise. For the price you pay to go to any other conference (I mean just the conference pass) you can pay for the whole trip to E2EVC. Pretty amazing, eh?


So why am I writing all this about E2EVC? First to show people that Alex and I are best buddies. Secondly to let you know that E2EVC Rome 2016 will happen this upcoming November (18-20) and that you should go for it.

Finally, as I am a cheap ass and Alex told us if we write a blog about it I get a huge discount, so I did it.

E2Evc Rome here I come. Now paying $50 less due to this post.


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