Introducing the Citrix Student Mentorship Program

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yes, I know I have been MIA for a bit but the good news is, I am not dead. Not yet. I have been quietly working on a little community thing and now we are ready to announce it. Before going into the details, let me explain how this came to fruition.

As I have been working with Citrix and RDS technologies for quite some time, over the years I noticed that people got familiar with such technologies either by accident (see Carl Webster’s website) or as some sort of project that no one else wanted to tackle. What I mean is, SBC/VDI became part of someone’s career at a later stage. As if you started your working life as let’s say an MCSE or equivalent and at one stage you got involved with XenApp for example.

With that in mind, I realized that given how complex even a plain RDS deployment can be (do not get me started on Citrix, now with NetScalers, XenMobile, XenApp, XenDesktop, PVS, MCS, Insight, Director, Studio – I could keep going with the list of components you may now need to touch) it would be awesome to find a way to get people exposed to these as early as possible on their career path.

That is how the Citrix Student Mentorship Program was born. The idea is simple: seasoned, well-known professionals in the industry (Citrix CTPs or CTAs) will take two students under their wings (college/university) and will teach and help them on all they need to get their Citrix Certified Associate title for both Virtualization and Networking (so CCA-V and CCA-N). That even includes paying for the fees associated with the actual tests (at USD 200 each).

As this is also a community effort, I do hope these students will get the community bug and down the road, do for the community, what the community will be doing for them at this stage. This will give us professionals that understand the importance of the community on their careers not only today but in the future. A Win-Win situation on my book.

More details will be available soon (well when the website is ready, at

I am very excited about this program and I do hope many CTPs and CTAs will join me on this effort.



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4 Replies to “Introducing the Citrix Student Mentorship Program”

  1. Hi Cláudio, i am self-employed Consultant for SBC, Citrix XenApp, RDS for more than 15 years. But i am not a CTP now. I am interested in that program. Do i have a chance to join? Thank you very much for your support. Regards from Hamburg, Marc

  2. This is a really interesting program you are starting. I have talked about starting this in the CUGC (Citrix User Group Community). There is interest amongst the members in NY. I’m sure there are equal or more interest in the CUGC as a whole. There are groups already that do some mentorships, but I think what you are doing is on a higher level. Thank you.

    1. We should get together and discuss how to take this to a higher level. I mean a system wide program, that can be delivered through any CUGC. What do you think?


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