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If you read my blog you noticed my post yesterday regarding my MVP status, not being renewed on the renewal cycle that happens October, 1st. As I mentioned in the comments, there is a lot of work we do in background (like replying to direct emails) that are simply ignored by the folks in Redmond. And no matter what they say, they have no grounds for an argument for the simple fact they never ask you questions like:

– How many direct emails did you reply in the past year helping people in the community with problems in your area of expertise?
– How many people downloaded the guides/articles you wrote?
– How many people watched videos of your presentations in the past year?
– How many people read the posts in your Blog in the past year?

Without all this information it is very easy to simply say ‘You have not done enough’.

But as not two companies are the same, the folks at Citrix, with a much better understanding on the dynamics between people like myself and many others and the community, decided I was good enough to receive their CTP award!

So as of today I am one of the Citrix CTPs, something I am very proud and honored to be! I join a group with people like Brian Madden, Shawn Bass, Ron Oglesby, Doug Brown, Rick Dehlinger, Benny Tritsch and a couple others!

The only thing is I now feel lonely as I became the only person in Canada to receive this award. 🙂

So Canadians, step up to the challenge and join me in the future!


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