In the age of YouTube and the Internet, yes, you can indeed find all the information you need about a particular topic. The thing is, like when I wrote the RDS Complete book, at least for me, the main issue with this approach is the fact the information may be available all over the place, from multiple sources and each one with a different writing/teaching style. That is why being able to find all I need about a particular topic in one spot, is extremely important IMHO.

That brings us to my new community project, the EUC University. The idea is simple: have very short (where possible) videos with accompanying guides (PDF of PPT) about EUC related products. You can about it as a PluralSight in ways but totally focused on RDS and as our first one, Parallels RAS.

Also as I am creating these for people with experience with other products (Citrix/VMware) all the information you need to understand how to translate the components seen with these into RDS/RAS will be clearly explained before you touch anything. That will give you a very good picture on how these two platforms and their components related to the components seen on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and VMware Horizon.

As mentioned, I am starting this first with Parallels RAS and once it is done, get the RDS part finalized. For the RDS the idea is to have the book is the guide you will need (or should) to follow.

Stay tuned.