Now what VMWare fanboys? 1

On my last post on the subject, VMWare lovers/fanboys/users bashed me because I complained about the vSphincter vSphere 4 client not working on Windows 7.

The main argument used was ‘Oh you are bitching about support for an OS that is not even released so shut up” and I could live with that at the time.

So now Windows 7 is out. Note this is not Ubuntu 9.10, YourMommaLinux or any other small player OS. This is a MAJOR OS coming from a vendor that dominates more than 90% of the desktop OS market and more than that, made earlier releases of such OS available to ANYONE, VMWare included.

Is the vSphere 4 client working on Windows 7 out of the box? Not yet.

I have heard VMWare is waiting for Windows 8 to come out to then support Windows 7.

Thanks VMWare.


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