Remote Desktop Load Simulation Toolset. Is it worth?

Ok, last week Microsoft released to the public their RD Load Simulation Toolset. Before you ask, I will explain what it does (remember not everyone reading this blog knows everything about TS/SBC).

The tool allows you to simulate load on your Terminal Servers so you can check things like ‘How many sessions can my server handle with acceptable performance?’ and so on. Sounds cool right?

Well there are a couple problems with the tool but depending on your requirements/needs it may do the trick.

First of all, it does not run on 2003. You must have a 2008 TS. Secondly, there is no way to record a script what means you must manually create one that will look like this:

‘// global settings
VK_RETURN   = 13
VK_LWIN     = 91
MENU_EVENT     = 2
VKeyFlag = 1
AltFlag = 2
CtrlFlag = 4
ShiftFlag = 8
Server = “TestServer”
User = “smc001”
Password = “Password123”
Domain = “TestServer”

‘// instantiate the RUIDCOM object
Set RUIDCOM = CreateObject (“RUIDCOM.RUI”)

‘// set connection properties
RUIDCOM.DesktopWidth = 800
RUIDCOM.DesktopHeight = 600
RUIDCOM.DesktopBpp = 16
RUIDCOM.TypingRate = 300

‘// Connect to Server
RUIDCOM.TSConnect Server, User, Password, Domain
WScript.Sleep (5000)

‘// open and wait for run dialog
RUIDCOM.PressKeyAndWaitForEvent “Open Run Dialog”, asc(“r”), 0, “Run”, OBJECTSHOW_EVENT
WScript.Sleep (2000)

‘// start notepad
RUIDCOM.SendKey “notepad.exe”
RUIDCOM.PressKeyAndWaitForEvent “Open Notepad”, VK_RETURN, VKeyFlag, “Untitled – Notepad”, WINDOW_EVENT
WScript.Sleep (2000)

RUIDCOM.SendKey “some text”

WScript.Sleep (2000)

‘// save file
RUIDCOM.PressKeyAndWaitForEvent “Open File Menu”, asc(“f”), AltFlag, “File”, MENU_EVENT
WScript.Sleep (2000)
RUIDCOM.PressKeyAndWaitForEvent “Open Save As Dialog”, asc(“s”), 0, “Save as”, OBJECTSHOW_EVENT
WScript.Sleep (2000)
RUIDCOM.SendKey “sample.txt”
RUIDCOM.PressKeyAndWaitForEvent “Confirm Save as”, VK_RETURN, VKeyFlag, “Confirm Save”, OBJECTSHOW_EVENT
WScript.Sleep (2000)
RUIDCOM.SendKey “y”

This is no show stopper and I am not going to say you cannot learn how to script but IMHO this is far from user friendly. I will probably write a nice GUI to record whatever you are doing and then save as a script to save people time (what Microsoft could have done for sure). But I guess you get what you paid for.

So if you are in a hurry and do not want to learn all above or if you have 2003 TSs, what are your options? Simple.

Go to the Citrix website and download XenApp 5.0 Platinum and set it up on the hardware you want to test. You can get a 90 day license that will allow up to 100 users. This may not give you all the users you need but with a 100 user load you will probably have a decent baseline on how many users the TS will probably be able to handle. XenApp Platinum has EdgeSight for Load Testing and that tool allows you to record your scripts and much more, way easier than the Microsoft one. And again, this will be free for 90 days.

If you do need to simulate three, four hundred users you may need to wait for a decent GUI for the Microsoft tool and if you are on 2003 you are out of luck if sticking to it. Another option is to contact a Citrix reseller and try to get a 300 user license that is good for a week or two for example and in that case your problems are solved. 🙂

Regardless I think this is a great start from Microsoft and something we can easily improve on.



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  1. Or, you download the DeNamiK LoadGen which allows you to perform a test on a TS / Citrix environment, allows you to simulate real user actions, is able to check on screen regions and many, many more.

    And, there’s a free version (up to 25 users).

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