About Us

Welcome to my blog. Or I may say WTSLabs’ Blog. If you do not know me, I am Cláudio Rodrigues, WTSLabs Inc. CEO. I have been working in the server based computing space for a very long time (well at least in this industry), over 14 years now.

In the past I started several companies (Terminal-Services.NET, TSFactory, etc) that introduced several new tools, ideas or concepts to this market and I am very proud and happy for that. Before you go ahead and coin me as another CEO, please keep one little thing in mind: the main difference between myself and other CEOs is simple: I spend a LOT of my time actually working with several customers deploying SBC/TS/Citrix/VDI so when I am doing my job at WTSLabs I do bring all this feedback, directly off the field, to the company. Plus in several cases I am the one doing the actual planning and deploying what means technically I am not that bad!

That is probably the main reason why our motto is “We sell what you want, not what we think you need”. With all this direct feedback from the field we know what you guys are looking for. And that reflects directly on our products with our modular approach. If you want feature A only, you will get that and not a bundle with feature A, B and C. The last thing I want is to see my companies turning into car manufacturers (by the way, not doing good) where if you want leather seats you must get them with Xenon lights. What is the relationship between cows and Xenon, I have no clue.

Again, welcome. Hope to see you around often.