XenApp Load Script

This is another post on XenApp 6.5 scripting. And yes, again, the reason for that is a ton of people are still on XenApp 6.5 and not everyone has a budget for all the fancy and pretty monitoring tools out there. Not saying they are not good. They are great. […]

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XenApp Reboot Script 2

As many customers are still running XenApp 6.5, probably one of the most stable/successful XenApp releases, when time comes to reboot the servers on the farm the options available are quite limited. After looking for some scripts I ended up finding the one fellow CTP Dane Young wrote and posted […]

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I present you the iCluster.

On my quest for a great portable Lab that I can take with me anywhere, airports included, I did quite a bit of research and ended up with something I have never seen before. So here you have the details in case you are looking for the most portable lab that you can […]

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VMware Horizon 6. The only article you will ever need to read. 5

Ladies and Gentlemen, We all knew this was going to happen and it happened yesterday. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me quickly summarize it for you and then give you my take on it. VMware announced yesterday that it is adding support for Microsoft […]

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Citrix vs. Cloud Platforms. Yawn. 1

Ok after reading Gabe’s article and then Brian’s take on it, instead of replying I decided to write a whole post about it. That is why you are reading this. First of all I want to resume Brian’s post for you. I think he should start working for Gartner as […]

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BriForum Boston 2014

This week Brian and Gabe announced the sessions for both BriForums (London/US). I am happy to announce I will be presenting two sessions in Boston and will almost certainly attend BriForum London as a regular peasant. If you did not read the list of sessions, here is what I am […]

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Adobe Reader XI on RDS 2012 R2

Just a quick post regarding a stupid issue I had this week with the latest Adobe Reader XI running on RDS 2012 R2. After installing it when trying to launch I would get this error: The usual fix is to set the bProtectedMode registry key to 0. Problem is even […]

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Windows Phone 8: Ready for…

… Going back to my night stand drawer. Yes, if you do not want to continue reading and just get the resumed version of my review, this is it, put it simple. Windows Phone 8 is not ready as an enterprise device (or consumer for that matter) and if you […]

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Number of PVS Servers in a Farm 1

I cannot seem to find a better title for this post so I guess it will stay as it is. This week my friend Carl Webster emailed me about the maximum number of PVS servers on a site. I told him that as far as I was aware of, there […]

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What have we become? 1

Before you read this post I just want to clarify it is one of the rare ones not related to IT, RDS, Citrix, etc. Every once in a while I decide to write such posts. So here we go… For most of us in North America, this upcoming week we […]

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