THE BriForum Session

So this year for BriForum I have submitted two sessions so far and as one of these is potentially massive, here I am asking for help.

The session will basically attempt to cram in 75 minutes a review of the so called Citrix Best Practices and check which ones still hold water to this day. The main reason for that is I still see, believe me, people looking for the (in)famous “Metaframe Tuning Tips” that my buddy RickD wrote when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Seriously, the reasons are many. To this day I still see many projects being done following these best practices and I am certain, given how hardware, software and solutions in this space have been evolving, many do not apply or have to be slightly modified to still be valid today.

Now the question you are probably asking yourself now is, “Well you are the Mr. CTP/MVP so you know better what is valid or not, what these best practices are and so on. So why the hell are you asking us?”. Well first of all my time is limited. That means I cannot be working on 1,000 projects at the same time. But if I ask 1,000 people in the community that are currently working on projects I am sure we will be able to gather a lot of great info that I would not be able to get and/or see myself.

And finally I do not know it all. Well no one does. Not even Shawn Bass. The power of this community I think is what can make a session like this great.

All that said I would like to ask you guys a couple things:

– What do you see to this day in terms of so called best practices? As an example I see all the time “do not use virtual PVS servers”. So what are these best practices?
– Any best practices you know for sure should be discarded and never used again? Example: some NT4 registry settings I am sure do not do shit on 2008 R2 or they actually do shit on your environment, throwing shit at the fan for the fun of it.
– If you will be at BriForum, are you brave enough to join me and a bunch of other clowns on stage? As you know I am probably one of the most well behaved, polite and politically correct presenters at BriForum, not to mention the All-Time GeekOut champion. So fear nothing, you will be well treated and gain respect from your peers (not me. LOL).

Resuming: whatever you have to say in terms of best practices (good, bad, old, new, etc) PLEASE let’s talk. Feel free to either post here or to email me directly at CR at WTSLabs dot com. If you put [BriForum Session] in the subject, that would help a lot sorting out the two emails I am expecting.

Cheers guys, appreciated. See you (hopefully) at BriForum.


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Thank you Citrix.

If you read my blog you noticed my post yesterday regarding my MVP status, not being renewed on the renewal cycle that happens October, 1st. As I mentioned in the comments, there is a lot of work we do in background (like replying to direct emails) that are simply ignored by the folks in Redmond. And no matter what they say, they have no grounds for an argument for the simple fact they never ask you questions like:

– How many direct emails did you reply in the past year helping people in the community with problems in your area of expertise?
– How many people downloaded the guides/articles you wrote?
– How many people watched videos of your presentations in the past year?
– How many people read the posts in your Blog in the past year?

Without all this information it is very easy to simply say ‘You have not done enough’.

But as not two companies are the same, the folks at Citrix, with a much better understanding on the dynamics between people like myself and many others and the community, decided I was good enough to receive their CTP award!

So as of today I am one of the Citrix CTPs, something I am very proud and honored to be! I join a group with people like Brian Madden, Shawn Bass, Ron Oglesby, Doug Brown, Rick Dehlinger, Benny Tritsch and a couple others!

The only thing is I now feel lonely as I became the only person in Canada to receive this award. 🙂

So Canadians, step up to the challenge and join me in the future!


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