Windows Phone 8: Ready for…

… Going back to my night stand drawer.

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 920

Yes, if you do not want to continue reading and just get the resumed version of my review, this is it, put it simple. Windows Phone 8 is not ready as an enterprise device (or consumer for that matter) and if you are considering it, unless it is free and comes with free 3-year service and a week vacation in Thailand with all expenses paid, you should look somewhere else.

Now back to a detailed review.


I got a Nokia Lumia 920 that is apparently the Windows Phone 8 (WP8 for short) to have. First of all if you are used to the iPhone 4/4S this thing will feel massive in your hands. And heavy too. Even though it is pretty much all plastic, it does feel well built and solid. With such size comes a big (and really good looking) screen. And of course the bigger the screen, the worst it is on battery life and here is no different. If you talk relatively often, do some web surfing and share your LTE with other devices, battery will die FAST. I mean you will have to recharge before the end of the day guaranteed.

Camera is awesome, especially in low light situations (simply blows the iPhone 5 out of the water in that respect). And the interface, running apps and accessing the net with it feels really fast.


Here it is where things start to go downhill with the phone. Not to sound a broken record, but the lack of apps is still a problem (even though it is getting better – I can now have TripIt, Netflix, Evernote, etc all on WP8). That would not be too bad as in a way after using WP8 I realized how many apps on iOS I really did not use or needed it.

But when we start digging into the Microsoft stack and the integration between WP8 and other Microsoft products, we realize WP8 was indeed rushed out of the door and more than that, the whole thing leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. It is simply poor and I will explain why.

First of all: this is a Microsoft platform and you expect it to play nicely with all Microsoft things. Nope, not the case. No RDP client from Microsoft for their own WP8 platform! Office on WP8 is such a terrible product that if I could uninstall it I would do it. I had to download a third party app to open CSV files. Excel on WP8 cannot open CSV? And when we start testing all the remaining Office apps and file compatibility you realize that Microsoft probably bought a license from Documents to Go (from 5 years ago) and loaded on WP8 instead of loading a real Microsoft Office suite on the device. If I need poor Office compatibility I will go back  to iOS or use Android.

Then there is the terrible experience with Windows Live. I am supposed to use the same ID that I use on the Surface and on Windows 8 with the phone. For some reason I cannot buy anything on the phone. It keeps asking me to add a payment method to my account and when I add my usual business credit card it says it cannot be added as it is ALREADY on my account. If it is there why I cannot buy anything with it? This simply shows the platform was not only properly tested but there is a lack of integration with the rest of the Microsoft world. Not cohesive. If we look at iOS my Apple ID works flawlessly on my iPhone, iPad or OSX. Not the case here. I know not everyone is experiencing this but again I do know several other people with the same issue so my point regarding testing and integration is certainly valid.

And I did not even get to the Exchange integration yet…

Speaking of that, it does work. Sort of. As many people I know, I do have a mailbox with many folders and rules moving emails to these folders as I receive them. Guess what? Outlook on WP8 CANNOT tell me I have a new email on a folder, unless I manually select the folder and choose to sync it. Great if you have 5 folders. What about 200 like I have? Windows Mobile 5 and 6 could do that like a decade ago. Not anymore. We can send rovers to Mars and remote control them from here but we cannot show “X” unread emails on subfolders. Yay…


If you hate yourself or want to give a phone to someone you do not like or even want to get rid of your girlfriend but does not have a clue how to do it, simply buy a WP8 device for yourself or as a present to one of these people you do not care.

Seriously the poor integration with Microsoft products, the really bad Office suite loaded on the phone and the lack of several apps (some from Microsoft like I mentioned – RDP client) simply turn this phone (that hardware wise is pretty good) into just another mobile device and not a true game changer that can challenge iOS or Android devices at this stage.

My iPhone will be back in service tonight. Thank Lord.


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