NetScaler 10.5.X Gateway Wizard

I promise this will be a quick post and hopefully it will save you time troubleshooting your NetScaler 10.5 setup.

I was testing the latest build I could get last week (10.5 and I noticed on the ‘XenApp and XenDesktop’ wizard (that is actually pretty good to get you off the ground) it asks you about your StoreFront site details. The problem is as it asks you the ‘StoreFront FQDN’, the ‘Store Name’ and the ‘Site Path’, you may be led to think the Site Path is the Store one. Wrong. If you use the Store path what you get is a blank screen once the user logs in to the gateway. What it actually wants is the ‘Receiver for Web’ path as seen on your StoreFront console.


The amount of people that enter the actual Store path and not the Receiver for Web one is enough to justify a little change on the GUI. So Citrix instead of labeling it ‘Site Path’ simply use ‘Receiver for Web’ path and I can bet a lot of people will get it going on the first try, reducing the amount of posts on the Citrix forums.

Sure for people doing NetScaler work day in and day out this may not be a problem but for the target audience the wizards cater for, usually people starting with the NetScalers, this is a needed change IMHO.



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